Heathdale flower 10th December 2020

Thank you from the Nelson Family

Heathdale flower

The Nelson Family would like to pass on their heartfelt appreciation for the outpouring of love, support and prayerful remembrance that has occurred, particularly in recent weeks. For faithfully praying for Lara during her illness and providing tangible support and understanding to all the Nelson children, particularly Asher and Oscar. It warmed our hearts to hear of staff and students joining in groups to pray along with the increased pastoral care to cope with the various needs.

The gifts of flowers, messages, the refreshments at Cherry Lake and various types of practical assistance, all demonstrated the generous heart of the Heathdale community. The guard of honor after the funeral was extremely moving along with the Grade 6 students and the School Captains who stood roadside, in recognition of Lara, was a joy to behold.

Lara loved Heathdale and was a very diligent and cooperative student. Even through her illness and various treatments, she managed to be a successful student who loved learning. She also had the personal qualities and attributes that would have enabled her to fulfil leadership roles in the future. She continued her studies with vigor even though she knew her time was limited. She wanted life to go on as normal.

We are very grateful for the loving care she received over the years from the staff who interacted with her. The Nelson family felt greatly upheld throughout the proceedings, which was an answer to prayer.

A recording of the funeral will be placed on YouTube in the near future.