Our commitment to excellence entreats our students to give their best.

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Heathdale flower Life at HCC


Our commitment to excellence entreats our students to give their best. Our programs help support, challenge and expand their learning through academic and creative endeavours, sport and a variety of music programs, all of which are underpinned by a Biblical perspective. 

The College has a vertically arranged House system which enables students to establish a broad range of friendships across year levels. The Houses are named after key Christian historical figures: Hudson Taylor, Alfred Stanway, William Carey and Adoniram Judson. A number of house group events allow our students to participate, debate, compete and interact during the year. Many house activities provide student-driven leadership opportunities across music, drama, academic, sporting and cultural challenges. These activities also allow teachers to develop productive relationships with students across successive years.

Heathdale flower Life at HCC

Spiritual & Community

Connecting with local churches (Phillipines 2018)
Our teacher preaching (Phillipines 2018)
Worship takes a relevant place
ANZAC Day commemoration
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Phillipines 1 2018 Phillipines 2 2018 Starsgodim Anzac Day 2018 21

Heathdale flower Life at HCC


Athletics Day
Swimming Carnival
Cross Country
Vertical House Groups: Stanway, Taylor, Judson, Carey
Sport Award Dinner
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Heathdale SS students sport Img 1554 Img 5048 Img 5011 Img 9485

Heathdale flower Life at HCC

Academic Programs

The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad
Art skills
Science skills
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Img 2501 SS Students Art Science students

Heathdale flower Life at HCC

Creative & Visual Arts

Student Leadership in Mass choir
Private instrumental lessons
Recording Studio
Drama Performance (Black Room - Creative Arts)
Recording Studio
Battle of the Bands performances
Strings Orchestra
Student Conductors
Fiddler on the Roof Production - Bi-Annual Musical
Backstage Fiddler Production - Bi-Annual Musical
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Img 0738 Flute student Yr 12 Music Orchestra 4 Img 8838 Yr 12 Music Orchestra 2 Yr 12 Music Orchestra 24 Img 9042 Yr 12 Music Orchestra 19 Yr 12 Music Orchestra 23 Yr 12 Music Orchestra 13 Fiddler On The Roof 19072017 0121 Fiddler On The Roof 19072017 0106