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Pastoral Care

Providing loving support by coming alongside students, on their school journey, our Pastoral Carers strive to glorify God through the care of students and their families.

Our Pastoral Carers aim to be:

Present. Our Pastoral Carers build relationships and create a connectedness with students. They participate in devotions, assemblies, excursions and at times the school’s camping and sports programs.

Proactive. Pastoral carers discover students are in need of extra support through: conversations with a teacher, contact with a parent, noting a need in their interactions with students, or older students may come and see our Pastoral Carers themselves. In all instances our pastoral carers are proactive, in that as soon as a need is made known they will respond and lend support by getting involved.

Preventative. Building resilience in our students is a centrepiece of Pastoral Care work. Our Pastoral Carers run specific topic Parent Seminars and also lead small student groups to build resilience for the future.

Practical. Sometimes in a family’s circumstances due to various life events, things at school need to be modified for a time. At other times practical changes need to be put in place. Our Pastoral Carers help with the details and explorations of these changes.

Partners. Our Pastoral Carers aim to work in partnership with parents, staff and God in the care and growth of each student. This is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Their aim is to involve and communicate with families effectively to ensure that they are working together to achieve the best outcomes for each student.