When educators and parents are moving in the same direction, your child’s best educational outcome is achieved.

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Getting to know us

The learning journey at Heathdale spans up to 14 years. We recognise that deciding on a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions parents make. Adding to this challenge is the understanding that schools all have a different flavour, with a number of variables that are not easily comparable. We are not all things to all people. We have a distinct style of Christian education.

Once you have looked through our website, we encourage you to book a tour. This will give you an overview of our facilities, allow you to ask tailored questions and speak to our staff.

Our aim through this is for you to meet us, and for us to be introduced to you and your family. When schools and parents are moving in the same direction, your children’s best educational outcomes can be achieved.

We are passionate about teaching children from a biblical worldview. We are not an exclusive school for Christian families. We encourage applications from parents who believe our style of Christian education will be the best fit for their children. All families who enrol at Heathdale Christian College are expected to abide by the ethos of the School, as reflected in our foundation statement, the Student Code of Conduct and the Parent Code of Conduct.